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Splurge on these 4 Honeymoon Luxuries

Splurge on these 4 Honeymoon Luxuries

  Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you'll remember forever. This is not just another getaway or vacation!

With that said there are going to be certain areas of your honeymoon that you won’t want to be cheap with.  This is an investment that will be completely worth the cost to ensure you have the best experience!

In this post, I’m going to share with you the specific things you SHOULD splurge on for your honeymoon!

Your Room:

This is your honeymoon, and a regular resort room just isn’t going to do the job!  Especially if you’ve been living together already, you will want to invest in a suite or maybe even a villa that is catered to romance and pampering!  You will also want to consider maybe a private plunge pool right outside your room, and even an ocean front view, for an extra WOW factor! 

PRO TIP: Make sure the suite you choose also comes with  24-hour room service for those nights you just want to stay in and spend some extra cuddle time together. 


When you are deciding where to go for your honeymoon, look for plenty of great restaurant & bar choices!  Being on a honeymoon is like having a romantic date every night, so you will want to have restaurants that offer great food and drink options, but also a great experience too! 

Look for restaurants and bars that also offer live entertainment such as piano bars, steel drum bands, or other events that add excitement to the night. 

Higher Level of Service:

One of the easiest ways to hit a honeymoon home run is to upgrade your stay to a higher level of service, such as butler service or VIP Club of some sort.  These types of upgrades can offer you a special club area that may offer snacks & beverages & meals that are not available to anyone else.  For example, if you are booked for a VIP club experience, you could access a special lounge that has food & drinks anytime you want them, whereas regular guests can only go to the regular restaurants and bars during the hours they are open. 

PRO TIP:  For maximum WOW having your own butler to wait on your every need, is something ALL couples should experience at some point in their life. Why not on your honeymoon??

An Off Resort Excursion:

There will be no better way to make memories on your honeymoon than doing some type of off-resort excursion with your new spouse.  Horseback riding, a sunset cocktail cruise, helicopter tour,  wine tasting, visit waterfalls, snorkeling or scuba diving, ATV Buggie Tour,  Zip Line, Parasailing, so many great options! 

Whichever you choose, pick an option that fits both your personalities while still allowing for some new challenges too.  Some of the best memories are made by trying something new and discovering how much you loved doing it. 


If you can make it work, do your best to book a direct flight from the city you are departing from to your resort locale. 

It may cost a little more money, but getting to your honeymoon destination as quickly as possible allows you to start enjoying your honeymoon investment as quickly as possible, as opposed to having a flight with several layovers, and possible checking into your resort at 9 pm at night, being exhausted, pretty much losing your first day at the resort.


I hope that this post helps you in deciding what to splurge on for your honeymoon in order to make it as dreamy as possible! Ultimately splurge on what is going to make memories you and your new spouse will treasure together forever!

If you are struggling or feeling frustrated trying to plan the perfect honeymoon, that will give you everything you are looking for, then I would love to talk through your honeymoon struggles with you and see if I can’t help you quickly get unstuck and move forward in your honeymoon planning.  Just use this link to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me today! https://calendly.com/travelwithbrenda